Family hotel KARINA

Обзаведена кухня
Изглед от хотела
Welcome to the Family hotel Karina which is located near to ‘Alen Mak’ between KK St.Constantine and Elena and KK Golden Sands, 10 kilometers north of Varna, a quick 5 minutes walk away from the sea. We offer 8 rooms, fully furnished in a modern style with double beds; each room has its own private bathroom/toilet, balcony, refrigerator, air conditioning, cable TV and magnificent view. The garden surrounding the hotels invites to a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere for our guests.
Extras and amenities:

There is also a fully equipped bar/kitchen with all facilities and cutleries, which can be used by all the rooms’ for meetings and or any other social gatherings. Parking area of the hotel is available at all times.